Annie's journey through a moms eyes

Annie was 5 years old when she grabbed my hand and said, “Mommy, will you be my eyes because I can’t see.”  Our 18 months of diagnosis began.  A group of doctors at the children’s hospital in Buffalo, NY finally conclude that Annie was experiencing a rare pediatric onset of Multiple Sclerosis.  They prescribed weekly Avonex injections to try to bring the auto immune disease under control, by injecting the synthetic version of Interferon.  Annie was only 6 and the syringes and injections were made for adults, her dosing amount was experimental and full of side effects.  She felt like she had the flu several days every week. 

After her diagnosis I reached out to a very gifted Integrative Doctor who practiced Chiropractic, Kinesiology, and Nutrition.  He had an MS diagnosis himself and had learned a great deal about how to balance the immune system as an adjunct support mechanism in the treatment of MS.  We took Annie to see him and he gave us very helpful information, understanding, and supplements to assist Annie. One of his own supplements he created was designed to help the body naturally increase levels of interferon.  In 2005, we implemented Annie's new diet and those supplements that the Doctor recommended to support Annie in her fight against MS. 

For the following 14 years she only experienced mild to moderate symptoms from the initial areas of scarring on her Milon Sheath.  She did not experience further scarring and we even saw improvement on following MRI scans as she grew.  She had a normal childhood.

In 2014 we received the sad news that this Doctor passed away and his supplements would no longer be available.  This was heart breaking to our family because we knew there wasn’t anything like Nutrasine on the market anywhere.  I called the Doctor’s widow and expressed a desire to assist in any way that I could to keep this product available.  After a series of conversations over several months, she gave me the formula and the blessing to raise the funds necessary to bring this unique supplement back onto the market.

In September of 2016, after Annie had been without Nutrasine for 6 months, she experienced her first exacerbation of MS since she was 6 years old.  It had been 14 years.  We believe this supplement has been a great help to her immune system and are so thankful that the Doctor was able to discover it, create it, and offer it to so many of us through the years of his practice

At this writing, Annie has been on Nutrasine for 9 days.  And her strength is returning.  I am not a doctor.  I am not a scientist or a chemist.  I am just a motivated mom, simply that. 

There remains a great deal of mystery with this disease and there is no cure.  I am happy to share the thoughts that the Doctor shared with us for your consideration as you seek out the best health practices for you.