Six 33 Nutraceutical

Six 33 Nutraceutical, Inc. is located in the beautiful Smoky Mountains near Asheville, NC.  We are a family owned company and like a lot of small start ups we started our business because of a need.  That need was to bring the Nutrasine™ formula back into production specifically for my niece who benefits from this supplement.

In 2014 the doctor who formulated and produced this Immune Support supplement passed away.  My sister in law, knowing that there was only a limited supply began searching for alternatives.  Nothing seemed to work so our family began to explore the idea of producing the formula ourselves.  By producing it ourselves this would guarantee there would always be product available and we could ensure that the original formula would not be compromised.

In early 2016, the doctor's widow gave us the formula and permission to produce her husband's supplement.  In May 2016 Six 33 Nutraceutical, Inc. was formed and the supplement was renamed to Nutrasine™.  By mid December Six 33 Nutraceutical received its first production of Nutrasine™.  On the day after Christmas my wife and I delivered the first bottles of Nutrasine™ to my niece.  We are forever grateful to all those who contributed to make this venture a reality.